ARTSMedia in Vitro Culture Medium

AM-IVC Medium with Human Serum Albumin

AM-IVC Medium is a culture medium intended for in vitro culture of human gametes and embryos from fertilization until the blastocyst stage of development (day 5). The medium can also be used for embryo transfer.


Store dark at 2-8°C in original container. Do not freeze. 

Quality Control Specifications

pH: 7,2 – 7,45 (Ph Eur. 2.2.3, USP <791>)
Osmolality: 265-275 mOsm/kg (Ph Eur. 2.2.35, USP <785>)
Sterility: No growth (Ph Eur. 2.6.1, USP<71>)
Endotoxins: < 0.05 EU/ml (USP <85>)
1-cell Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA) ≥ 80% blastocysts by 96h.
Certificate of Analysis is available upon request at


USA: FDA 510(k) NO: K220715

For other regions, information available upon request

Media Products

We are registering our new product portfolio with authorities throughout the world. We have achieved FDA approval on our first media product, ARTSMedia In Vitro Culture Medium AM-IVC Medium.

The different steps in the IVF avenue, are illustrated in the graphics below by Professor Poul Hyttel who is also on the ARTSMedia scientific board.

The medium is available in the US at IVF Store

Kvaegbefrugtning hvid HR v5final Large
Scanning electron micrograph of bovine oocyte one hour after insemination in vitro. The photograph is pseudocolorized: Spermatozoa (blue). zona pellucida (red) and cumulus cells (orange).
AEggeleder HR v3final Large
Scanning electron micrograph of bovine spermatozoon in the oviduct. The photograph is pseudocolorized: Spermatozoon (blue) and oviduct epithelium (orange).
Photos: Professor Poul Hyttel